Sunday, 23 November 2014

Advantages of BOOTSTRAP Technology

  •     First advantage that you can get from bootstrap is saving a lot of time. Busy web developer doesn’t have much time to spend a lot of time on CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Bootstrap is offering readymade codes to save maximum of your time.

  •       The second and most attractive option of bootstrap is customization. You can customize it with your own way. Just sit and change entire code as you want. Some developers exhausted to change codes, this is not for them.

  • ·         Now, have a short look on design factors.

        i.          Consciously or unconsciously we use grids in our web developing designs. Bootstrap make it easier than ever. If you dislike grids you can do it yourself by editing the same files. Bootstrap has 940px default width with 12 grid columns. In which a single column contains 40px with 20px of empty space. It means it has 60px over all. You can also change these widths as per your requirements.

      ii.            Second one is very amazing, I love this option. It corrects error automatically which were made by developer by mistake. For example, if you have done something wrong by mistake and it is effecting another span then bootstrap will automatically correct it at their original space. It means bootstrap will save you from a big crash.

    iii.            Bootstrap comes equipped with JavaScript libraries that go above and beyond basic structural and styling. JavaScript often becomes an integral part of a web design and developers have topull in all elements together to see the final form flourish. With Bootstrap, a developer can easily manipulate modal windows alerts, tooltips, Scroll spy, Popover, Button, Type head, etc. The best part is that Bootstrap enables you to skip writing the script altogether.

  • ·    Twitter faced big problem in development. It was too much hard to maintain both developer front and end-user front. They have solved this problem as a central CSS with bootstrap. Now you can notice same view in cross browsers and different situations.

  • ·      Bootstrap team is working as quickly as can be possible. Wherever they found a bug or any query they started work on at their earliest. For example we can see the example of JQuery. JQuery is updating twice in a year. You can see the bootstrap’s updated version to confirm it.

  • ·         Another killer option you can avail with bootstrap. If you have a site already live and you want to change it as an ironic CSS and amazing style. You are also willing to use bootstrap. You can do it easily with copy your own file CSS settings and link it with bootstrap file. It is too easy to say. Once you integrate bootstrap with your live site after that you can play with CSS as your own wish.

  • ·         An additional attractive option you will get is responsiveness. Yes, every bootstrap based site is responsive. You can use it without hesitation.

  • ·         You are not going to face any difficulty in near future because bootstrap is using advance technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5. You know very well that both of them are suppose to be backbone of future web development industry. So, it may be future web development star.

  • ·         A website can't be complete without basic HTML elements such as headings, forms, buttons, lists etc. You can check out the stylize basic HTML elements in bootstrap

i) Typography
ii) Code
iii) Tables
iv) Forms
v) Buttons
vi) Images
vii) Icons

  • ·         Bootstrap also have most must have components for a website such as:

i) Dropdowns
ii) Button groups
iii) Navigation bar
iv) Breadcrumbs
v) Labels & badges
vi) Alerts
vii) Progress bar
viii) And many others

  •  Bootstrap is not only stronger in design and structures but it also more powerful in documentation. Most of his competitors don’t have good documentation.

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