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10 best practices for DevOps

1: Break the silos in IT

          Breaking down functional silos between disciplines in IT must come from upper management, since IT has been organized into disciplinary silos for decades. In this environment, application development work has historically taken an assembly line approach, with one department building the app, after which the app is shipped to an operations group to integrate the app, after which the app is tested by a QA group, after which the app goes back to the applications and operations group so it can be deployed. This separation of functions limits active collaboration, contributing to applications problems that delay deployment. Pressured to deliver today's apps faster, IT managers have begun to restructure IT into DevOps teams that are a mix of all of the IT disciplines, with each team getting accountability for a specific category of apps.

2: Adjust performance reviews

          When the IT culture needs to be "de-siloized," putting some teeth into the process by evaluating team performance and individual participation on the team in performance reviews can go a long way. Base a larger portion of performance reviews for developers and operations personnel on their teams' ability to meeting app development and deployment goals.

3: Create real-time project visibility

          Contemporary project management software now has built-in automation that eases the tedium of doing project updates. Project management tools can provide real-time visibility into an application and exactly where it is in the development to deployment process. It can also display who and what are the mission-critical resources for the current tasks at hand. The project management software can serve as a "single version of the truth" for a cross-functional IT team, making the job of project coordination easier.

4: Use software automation wherever you can

          You can cut time, errors, and costs by selecting an application automation toolset that is compatible with your IT environment. This automation can be extended to app source code development, system and middleware configuration, and even database and networking changes. Important pre-production tests like regression testing and load testing prior to deployment can also be automated. This saves developers and operations personnel time and effort.

5: Choose tools that are compatible with each other

          The other caveat for using tools and automation with DevOps is that the information the tools produce on application and system status does not conflict. It is generally more effective to choose tools from a single vendor because the tools are already tightly integrated with each other. This improves the chances that the status an app developer receives on an application's health will correspond closely to what an operations person sees on the app in his or her world.

6: Start with projects that are small and ensured for success

          CIOs who endeavor to move IT culture away from silos need to make sure that the newly integrated DevOps work teams rack up some quick successes. This builds their belief and cooperation in the new methodology.

7: Don't forget the users!

          The applications you're developing are for the end business. Without the critical support of business stakeholders, your DevOps works will be in jeopardy. Actively include end users throughout the DevOps process, from the time you sit down with them to define app requirements, through prototype development, unit testing integration/regression testing, training, and deployment.

8: Collaboratively manage change

           When multiple parties collaborate in a rapid-paced development effort that engages prototyping and other tools, change to an app is going to happen. This is why an effective change management process is vital to every DevOps project. The moment an app change is asked for, the request should go out to everyone on the team, no matter which IT discipline they work in. This communication should be routed to end-user stakeholders as well.

9: Continuously deploy applications

           DevOps is best leveraged in a continuous app deployment model where sites don't wait to bundle numerous enhancements into separate software releases but instead opt to continuously embellish and deliver revised applications. A continuous app delivery model with a strong change management system enables new app capabilities to be delivered to the business faster.

10: Create a service environment within the company
           The days of the IT "glass house" are over. To stay relevant, IT must keep its finger on the pulse of the business users' needs and deliver apps that meet or exceed functionality and time-to-market expectations. It can do this if it changes its culture to stress the values of team effort, open communications, and commitment to customer satisfaction—even if the customer resides in an adjacent office.

Five free plugins to turn WordPress into an e-commerce solution

Five free plugins to turn WordPress into an e-commerce solution

1: Easy Digital Downloads

        Easy Digital Downloads, as the name implies, is the easiest way to offer digital downloads on your site. This can range from music to books to texts to videos—anything you need. What's best about this particular take on digital downloads is that it strips away all the useless features, so setting up purchase-able downloads is incredibly easy.

2: WP eCommerce

        WP eCommerce  is a great plug-in if you need to sell just about anything from anywhere. You can convert visitors into customers with the help of this beautiful (and fully customizable) online store. It allows you to edit both the HTML and the CSS, so you can create your store to perfectly fit your needs.

3: WooCommerce

        WooCommerce is one of the most widely used e-commerce plugins for WordPress, and with good reason. Not only does it turn WordPress into a powerful online store, it also offers tons of additional free plug-ins and themes.

4: iThemes Exchange

        iThemes Exchange  says it can help you sell your stuff in under five minutes. And it's right. This solution makes setting up your online store incredibly easy. With iThemes Exchange, you can sell digital downloads, physical products, and more. (Some of the "and more"—such as selling memberships—requires a fee.)

5: Cart66 Lite

        Cart66 Lite is a stripped-down version of Cart66 Professional. What has been stripped away? Mostly just the ability to accept credit cards and use SSL. So if you're okay with a PayPal-only e-commerce solution, Cart66 might be just right for you.

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Best 2015 SEO Tool FREE!!

We are approaching the year end and this is the best time to know/realise where you and your competitors stand. This helps in updating and analysing the SEO strategies and tricks. Many of the tools we find online boast great but only after usage and wasting time we realize that we’ve wasted so much of time for no incredible change.

Let me show you the tool to know my rankings which I use on a regular basis.

Rank Tracker


Rank Tracker has been around for sometime and has set the standard of a good rank tracking tool. They keep on adding features and is definitely a tool worth using even in the coming years.

Lets have a look on the features -

Accurately Track Ranking


Rank Tracker pulls in fresh data from the web by scraping the search results. But if you don’t have a working proxy, chances are, some of the search engines (such as Google) will block you off after a number of automated queries. So you’ll need is a good set of private proxies. I recommend Squidproxies. Private proxies comes with a billm but still you can use those proxies for something else also.

The best bit of this tool is that, unlike other SEO tools which check rankings using their own IP address – from some country you don’t know and cannot change – Rank Tracker uses your own IP address by default. And in the case you need to check rankings from a certain location, you can still do so by setting a proxy from your target locations. Its non dependency on history logs or social media activity records gives you non-personalized and unbiased results by default, unlike Google’s personalized search by location, browsing history or even your social media activities, affects the accuracy of the results you’re expecting.

Track ranking from most Search Engines 


Rank tracker lets you track rankings specifically from or from Bing or Yahoo and even Youtube. We can also set to track rankings based on a specific search engine or location. Keyword tool of Rank tracker enables to manually scrape rankings for tracking localized keywords.

Rank Tracker helps you understand your website traffic ups and downs with the line chart created with the historic data. It helps you in comparing your rankings up and down against your competitors. It’s also quite helpful when a client wants to check a certain keyword or two and you could take a snapshot of your work in a line graph and show him/her. It also lets you choose any date you want the current results to be compared with giving you quick view of your current rankings, as well as those from the past days or weeks – a must have, especially if you want to analyze your progress.

Filter and arrange data 


You can arrange, sort and filter data according to the rankings, keywords or the number of visitors in the spreadsheet. Select and show only the data columns to you need on the spreadsheet and hide whichever not needed.

Specific Keyword rank tracking 


Get data specifically according to the keywords, it shows you which page in the website ranks for which keyword. Rank Tracker also lets you to connect with your Google Analytics which gives you an idea as to which page in your website you could focus your efforts on.

Another benefit is that unlinke other SEO tools which increases price whenever you exceed a certain number of keywords you want to track Rank Tracker has set no limit to this. But when given large number of keywords the time taken to pull the data will also be longer.

With the new Keyword Difficulty score in Rank Tracker we will also get the most efficient keywords and evaluate how difficult it would be to rank them which helps in choosing the right keywords, so no time nor money would be wasted on less efficient keywords.

Although these are the high points of Rank tracker, I think I should not hide some tad downfalls of the tool
  • You need to constantly run it (doesn’t automatically track rankings for you).
  • You’ll need your own proxies.
  • A little more difficult to see the increase and decrease of your keywords’ rankings.
  • It takes a while to pull data – depending on your internet connection and number of keywords.
  • You can only pull data for one client at a time.
  • Bogs down a computer when left running for a while.
These are some of the features I liked on this impressive tool, there are lot more in it.
Like I mentioned earlier, the fact that they are persistently developing this tool is enough proof that they care and want nothing but the best for their users. Now, that’s the kind of tool we’re proudly bringing in the years to come.

I urge you to try this most accurate rankings tracker tool for now for free!!

You can check out RankTracker for free or buy it for $124.75.

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The current viral trends Digital India, Net Neutrality, Free internet and in simple words

With Zuckerbergs visit and Modis meet extended to the viral support digital India wave started with the duos changing their Facebook profile pics showing their support, Indian Netizans are caught up in the battle of to and against supporting Digital India claiming it as a hidden agenda of Facebooks

Let’s look in layman terms what the howl is all about –

What is net neutrality? 

Firstly, we need to understand what exactly net neutrality is. Net neutrality means Internet that allows everyone to communicate freely. It means a service provider should allow access to all content and applications regardless of the source and no websites or pages should be blocked, as long as they aren’t illegal. That means companies like Airtel and Facebook's should not block or slow down access to any website or content on the Web - for instance, to benefit their own services over those of competitors. It’s like a fixed-telephone line, which is equal to all, and no one gets to decide who you call or what you speak.

Another aspect of net neutrality is level playing field on the internet. This means, all websites can co-exist without hampering others. All websites are accessible at the same speed and no particular website of application is favoured. For instance – like electricity, common for all. Net neutrality also means all web sites and content creators are treated equal, and you don’t have to pay extra for faster Internet speed to a particular site/service.

Is and Airtel Zero against Net neutrality? Or what is the problem with net neutrality supporters?  Are they against free internet?

Free internet sounds tempting and may sound great on paper, experts say that in the long term it's against consumer interests, because consumers are more likely to use free services. Same is the case with the, the freebies offered to users come at a cost. The idea behind this is cultivating a behavioral pattern, guiding and making us access us to the only sources which the so called "free-givers" allow us to and blinding us from all others. That is you are only getting free access to services/apps which have struck a deal with the telcos.

Airtel Zero like the Reliance-Facebook partnership on, too violates net neutrality which promises to provided a level playing field for all internet data.
However Flipkart which partnered with Airtel Zero moved out as as a result of downvoting them by thousands of Net neutrality supporters.

App developers and services who are flush with funds, will not find it an issue to pay telcos for data charges incurred by users. But this can leave app developers, specially start ups, smaller companies, who cannot afford to subsidise consumer access to their websites and services, who cannot afford Airtel or Reliance’s data rates are likely to lose out, stifling innovation in the country, which means fewer options for consumers in the long run.

Read this in connection with Digital India 

The word is that India has elected to power its more pro-technology government yet. During his address at the Digital India launch event, Prime Minister Modi elaborated on the need for the program to focus on innovation. The Prime Minister assured full support to young entrepreneurs who wished to launch Start-ups. He called upon the youth to innovate and said ‘Design in India’ is as important as ‘Make in India’. In the launch, the official policy on Internet of Things – pegged as the driver of Innovation for Digital India was also announced.

Yet, there is speculation of self-created hindrances to the government’s Digital India Vision. If media stories from the last fortnight are any indication, the so far unreleased report of the Department of Tele- communications on net neutrality is making a case for the licensing of voice over Internet Protocol Services such as Whatsapp and Skype. To license VoIPs at this stage would prove disastrous for India’s innovation ecosystem, and amount to pandering to the invalid argument of the Telco lobby which asks for a ‘level playing field’ between apples and oranges.

The concern with regard to cherry-picking VoIP applications for licensing is that it shall prevent future technologies and applications that could very well combine VoIP with other features in a truly transformative way for the citizen or consumer, from being developed. This is why, the need for a neutral Internet, without placing any licensing requirements on the Indian developers of the next WhatsApp or Viber or any other application that would use a VoIP feature is of imperative importance.

It would be naïve and impractical to license VoIP based applications, as in the times to come, some of the most useful and transforming technologies are very likely to use VoIP features in combination with regular messaging, content sharing or transaction features. Legitimate cyber security concerns can be dealt with by other far more efficient solutions.

This is why Net Neutrality is extremely important for small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs, who can simply launch their businesses online, advertise the products and sell them openly, without any discrimination. It is essential for innovation and creating job opportunities. Big companies like Google, Twitter and several others are born out of net neutrality. With increasing Internet penetration in India and given that we are becoming a breeding ground for startups and entrepreneurs, the lack of net neutrality should worry us greatly. Besides, it is very important for freedom of speech, so that one can voice their opinion without the fear of being blocked or banned.

The concept of net neutrality doesn’t exist legally. However, ISPs try to moderately not violate any laws. They’ve approached Trai for the losing revenues and are awaiting Trai’s decision on regulation IM app by OTT players. Most decisions here are made by DoT and Trai. However, it would be a good move to get things legally on paper, while Internet access in India is still at its infancy.

The government’s report on net neutrality shall be the first official marker on its Digital India position. I hope it will be reflective of the tremendous potential and creativity that can be unleashed by a successful Digital India and not a short sighted self-goal under the influence of a few Telcos.

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Secrets to get ranked on the first page of Google !!

Getting on the first page of Google with your website content for your keyword is a huge accomplishment.  It could mean unlimited new visitor (and if you’re a business, potential sale) opportunities.  The task of getting to Google’s number one page with your website content, for your keyword, varies according to your competition, website age, popularity (PageRank), and SEO investments.

If you search online, hundreds of self-proclaimed “gurus” are announcing that they have the key to get your website content on Google’s first page… within the hour.  While it is actually true that Google works inside 60 minutes, it isn’t true that all of these gurus are actually SEO geniuses.  It’s more common that Google will take a week or two (or maybe 3-4) to crawl and find your website and its website content, then rank it number one for your keyword.


Your Google ranking is based on your PageRank, or PR, that Google sets you at.  PageRank can go from PR0 to PR10.  Sites with a PR of 0 are considered very low quality and will rarely be ranked high by Google.  On the other hand, it is very hard to get to a 10, and if you’re at 4 or 5 that’s considered excellent.  The average is around 2-3.  Check your website PageRank for free.


So, you’re probably wondering, what makes up a PageRank?
Three main things:
One your website content itself (the quality, relevance and quantity of each page on your website),
Two age of your website (the longer you’ve been around, the better), and
Three the number of links that go back to your website, or backlinks.

Think of backlinks as roads that lead straight to your website. These little paths, a simple hyperlinked keyword that goes back to your website, can be in the form of an article that has your website link in it; a friend posting your website link on Facebook; a comment on a blog with a link to your website.  The more backlinks with your keyword, the more roads with destination signs leading straight to your website.  Not only that, but you need high quality roads.  A backlink placed on a PR0 site will actually hinder you.  Backlinking must be done by someone who knows the process, can choose the right sites, and will work in your benefit.

Articles, Articles & More Articles.  

If you search how to increase your Google rank, there’s no avoiding this fact.  Writing informative articles around your keywords and posting several every day has the potential to rank your website as high as it will go.  Article submission is one of the longest and most proven methods to get the highest pagerank possible.  Fresh, new website content updated every day improves your rankings, since Google re-crawls your website several times a month (or week).  Besides that, fresh web content constantly added to your site will attract new readers, give you an advantage above your competition (you’re always staying on top of relevant material), widen your marketing efforts (reach anyone with an RSS feed), and inspire others to link back to you. 

Voila!  Backlinks, quality, and quantity, all in one. 
Well-written articles and website content could potentially be your best source to get a higher PR.

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How To Create the Best Traffic rich Successful Website

There are millions of websites floating in the web world and thousands are created each day, but people tend to visit only a handful of these, have you wondered why. One major reason is that most of these websites look like clones because they all have the same and look and feel as they are template websites.

What makes a good website different from others? 


What gives it that uniqueness? 


Why there are more traffic in some websites?


What is the secret behind successful websites?


Today we thought of sharing our thoughts about answering these and how to create a traffic rich successful website. We, the Spartans have helped many of the corporate houses in India and abroad to re-build their empire in the digital economy.

We give utmost care and support to provide the website projects we deliver to make it a successful website or in short the websites we deliver holds all the 11 characteristics of a successful website.

Read this to find out what are the 11 elements of a successful website

1. First Impression and Pitch Perfection


Like everywhere in web business also first impression matters because during a web search, seven seconds or less is what an average website visitor spends on 90% of the websites he visits. Meaning you only have a few valuable moments to impress them and convey who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and why you’re the best choice. So your marketing pitch, the logo, tagline, brand credibility all need to be carefully crafted clearly communicating your specialty and target niche.

2. Lead the way with Call to Actions


Calls to actions are designed with visitor specific information, phone numbers and “Buy Now”, "Click Here" buttons encouraging and engaging your visitors to the next step and guiding them to the path to business conversion. One basic theory of successful website is to make sure your phone number is in the top right of every page of your site and your contact info on the footer of every page along with quick links to your most valuable content. This helps web surfers/prospects who are often just looking for a quick phone number, hours or address.

3. Conversion Statistics


From where do your web visitors come from, how much time do they spend, what are their key search terms, how many enquiries and sales that you receive through your website and what the cost is to acquire them are the vital statistics that you need to track and follow-up for the success of your web business. This knowledge enables you to assess market trend, measure your marketing spend, changes you should need to implement in your website for building the correct web business strategy.

4. Its ‘About You’ Page


Often “About Us” pages brag about who the organization and company is all about, which when done way over seems boring for the customer. But as a matter of fact companies exists for customers and so like the rest of your website “About Us” page, should also present all information in the context of how it benefits your visitors. It also should be an engaging portrait of the Team behind your organization because your prospects want to know who they’re working with, how experienced they are and how the team are going to make their business prosper.

5. Content is the King

In web world quality content is the crucial for reducing bounce rates, optimizing SEO and
thereby in the success of business. The only way to build a loyal following of visitors is only if they find your website useful, informative and engaging. The content encompasses all including the images, text, design and all your brand building factors, conversion rates are always high with websites that have quality content and where time and effort have been invested into sharing their message in an intelligent and appealing way.

6. Eye candy

There are millions of websites floating in the web world and thousands are created each day, but people tend to visit only a handful of these, have you thought why. One major reason is that most of these websites look like clones because they all have the same and look and feel as they are template websites. Visitors deter template websites as they feel that those websites are unsafe and scams. To make your website standout it is utmost important to invest in a custom website design that reflects your individual brand and also visually communicates your point of difference. Websites that are appealing and informative are frequented by visitors and shared more often to others, and websites with below average visual appearance give the visitors a perception that your company is also below average.

7. User perspective

Front end functionality or the homepage designs of the websites are the primary factor behind conversions. We all know that business websites are created for others to view and experience, so the primary objective must be to create your website design from the user perspective giving out what they anticipate, delivering the right solutions thus encouraging their interaction and improving your conversions. Conversions are out of prospective when you deliver their need before they even know they need it.

8. Responsive Design

World at your fingertips, was once a future based caption of many companies is now reality with World Wide Web and the smartphone and tablet connectivity. The study says that 25% of people on the internet at any given moment are using a smartphone or tablet and furthermore their conversion rates are much higher than desktop users. This introduces the need for having responsive web designs optimized for mobile devices ensuring that no matter what device someone uses, your website delivers content in the most effective way.

9. Structured Content Management System 


As mentioned earlier Content is the King in web arena and so is its management. The content has to be structurally managed, optimized for search engines and efficiently updated for visitor usability and interaction.
When choosing a content management system (CMS) look for the following:
•    Simple content editing accessible from all devices
•    Quick load times
•    SEO-ready
•    Used by a large community of users, website designers  developers (i.e. such as a WordPress website)
•    The software is actively supported by the developers and is being frequently updated

10. Digital Marketing 


Similar to any other business you have to make yourself visible and make statements loud and clear to , attract traffic and convert visitors into customers. Depending on your business and industry you have to choose from the varied online marketing options like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing and social media. The key is to find your sweet spot by experimenting with all the available channels. Ultimately it’s a process of trial and error while you discover what is most effective for your target audience.

11. Be professional Get professionals 


If you are serious about your business, don’t think twice, hire a professional to do a professional and guaranteed result. Let the professional web design agency convert your ideas into reality with their creativity and expertise. Discuss with them your ideas and ask how well they know these essential elements, how they propose to incorporate them and how they’ve succeeded in the past. Look for experienced and creative website designers that are well established and that have comprehensive references and good portfolios of working with similar businesses to your own. By partnering with the right web design company you are putting yourself in the very best position to ensure that your website is a successful one. You’ll save time in the short-term and money in the long-term by investing in a quality website designer.

So these are the main mantras that you should keep on your mind while creating a website, follow these and we guarantee you will be successful.

We believe that a good solution always pays off in the long run and helps you attract the attention of your target audience, which eventually converts into sales. So we make sure to do a little extra while designing and delivering a project for you.

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How To use Keyboard as Mouse

When mouse stops functioning

Most of us who use computers on a daily basis will have come across a situation where the mouse stops

working or gets damaged in middle of something important. But such emergencies when we do not have time to get the mouse replaced, here is a small trick to use your keyboard  as mouse using the On Screen Keyboard utility.

Follow the below steps to achieve this -

Windows XP Users:-

Go to Control Panel. > Then click on Switch to Classic View. >
Then Click on Accessibility Options. > Then Click on the Mouse Tab.
Select Use MouseKeys.> Click on OK.

Then activate NumberLock (by pressing the NumLk key).
You should hear a beep sound.
Now you can control the mouse pointer using the arrow keys on the numeric keypad.

Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users:

Open Ease of Access Center by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Ease of Access, and then clicking Ease of Access Center. Click Make the mouse easier to use.
Under Control the mouse with the keyboard, select the Turn on Mouse Keys check box.

You can also increase the acceleration and speed of your mouse movements according to your needs.
You can alternately press the Alt+Shift+Num Lock combination to instantly activate Mouse keys.

Laptop Keyboard Mouse

For laptops, this will only work if your keyboard has a numeric keypad or alternate keys which you can enable by pressing the Number Lock or the Function key.

On my laptop, number 6 key of the numeric keypad moves the mouse pointer left, number 4 key moves the mouse pointer right, number 2 key moves it down, number 8 key moves the mouse pointer up, number 5 and + key serve as right click while the number 0 key works as left click.

This is an alternative for emergency situations only and for long run its always better to replace the damaged mouse.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Most of us has come across the situation where we are asked to enter our mobile number for verification in a website. It’s a security force to stop the spammers activity. Yep! it’s a splendid technique to prevent spammers but what about the users? Because it can be used as a new way of promotion and advertisements. But to give away our mobile number to a website is not always
the safest thing to do. So what to do in such a situation?

We will show you ways to bypass the SMS verification without using our mobile number.

Use the below websites

This website provides dummy mobile numbers which we can give to any verification websites. The verification message gets delivered to this website mobile number. You can just open it and search for verification code.

This is another mostly used website. In this you will get more dummy numbers than other site. You will get 22 different dummy numbers from this site. This is best site use for verification. You can easily use any number for verification.

It has 9 numbers to verify and it provides paid service too. The other procedures are same as mentioned above.

Now you can easily bypass your sms verification step.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How To Hide Whatsapp Images And Videos In Android Or iPhone without any application

Today most of us use whastapp for downloading and sending images, videos and text.

Lets look how to hide Whatsapp Images And Videos In Android Or iPhone with a simple trick and without using any additional apps or softwares. We have explained separate methods for Android users and iPhone users.

Follow the below method and you can hide images of whatsapp in mobile.

How To Hide Whatsapp Images And Video In Android 

Step 1 - Install any file manager in your android mobile. You can use ES File Manager. Click on link to download.
Step 2 - Now open and go to SD Card in home section go to whatsapp->media.
Step 3 - Now click on whatsapp images folder for few seconds. Then you will see the option rename. You can rename with “.” in front of folder name. EX: .Whatsapp Images
Step 4- Now whatsapp images will be hidden from you mobile.

Now no one can see the Whatsapp Images in your android mobile.

How To Hide Whatsapp Images And Video In iPhone 

Step 1 - Go to setting and select privacy button.
Step 2 - Now click on photos.
Step 3 - Now you will get all sources of photos.
Step 4 - Now find the whatsapp image folder and make it OFF.

Now your whatsapp images cannot be seen by others.

Try this trick and keep visiting Us.

Friday, 21 August 2015

How To Trace Location Of A Person By Chatting on Facebook & WhatsApp

Method 1: Tracing IP Address Of Person On Facebook Chat Using Command Prompt
Using command prompt you can actually trace out the ip address of a person you chatting on facebook. Just follow the steps below to proceed.

  • First of all start chatting with your friend whose ip address you want to get and make sure that all other apps and background process must be stopped.
  • Now press Win+R of your keyboard,
  • Now type cmd and hit enter.
  • Now in the command prompt that appears type netstat -an and hit enter.
  • Now note down the ip address of person.
  • Now you need to scan that ip address to know the actual location of the person that you can checkout from

Method2 : Creating Tracking Link To Track Location Of Any Person
In this method you will be creating a tracking link that you will send to suspect and that records the location of the person that opens that link. Follow the steps below to proceed.

  • First of all create a free hosting account from any of these sites :- Hostgator, My3gb or 000webhost.
  • Now login in your account and go to File Manager there.
  • Now download the zip file : Tracking Zip File.
  • Now extract the file and you will see three files in the extract folder.
  • Now upload all three files in the root (public_html) folder of file manager of your hosting account.
  • Now send you hosting link to the suspect that you want to track(your link will be like etc).
  • Now tracking details will get saved in the log.txt file of your root folder, which you should keep on checking that file to get the details.

So above are the ways to How To Trace Location Of A Person By Chatting on Facebook/WhatsApp with these way yo will get to know the exact location of the person that you want to check and also make sure that persond your are interacting with in the social world is real or fake one. Hope you like this trick, do share this with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

                                                                                                                       visIt us :

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How To Root Android Without Risking Android Warranty

Steps To Root Android Without Voiding Your Android Warranty :-

  • First of all download and install the best Android Rooting Software that is iRoot. This is the only program that will let you to root your android device without voiding your warranty.
  • Install the apps and launch in your computer and you will see screen like below.
  • Now you need to enable USB debugging in your android device. For this Go to developer option and then enable it.
If developer option is not enable on your device then you can enable it by opening About Phone and tapping 7-10 times on build number.
  • Now connect your android with PC using USB data cable and wait for iRoot to detect it.
  • Now the Root button will get activated on iRoot software and just click on it to root your android device.
  • Now wait for few minutes to complete the rooting process and your device might gets restart 2-3 times.

  • Thats it you are done, now you have successfully rooted your android device without risking its warranty.

                                                                                                                             visIt us :

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How To Spy On Text Messages

Steps To Spoof Text Messages On Android Device :-

  • First of all you need to download a cool app SecretSMSReplicator a app that allow you to spy on messages arriving on your android.
  • Launch the app after installing the app in the android device whose messages you want to spy.
  • Now after this you need to enter the phone number to which all the arriving messages will get forwarded, You will enter your number.
  • Now set any password to secure your app.
  • Now this app will get hidden in android device and no one can even uninstall it as it will require password that you have set.

  • Thats is you will be getting all the logs of messages that arriving on device or sent from that device.

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How To Unlock Windows Computer from Android/iPhone

This is a very cool way to secure your computer as if someone get to know your login password you computer will not get open until it get the security key that is your smartphone that will be always with you.

Steps To Unlock Window Computer from Smartphone :-

  • First of you need to download the Rohos Logon Key Software in your device which you want to pair out with smartphone.
Rohos For Windows   Rohos For Mac OS   Rohos For Android   Rohos For iPhone
  • Now launch the program in your windows and you will see screen like below.
  • Now there click on Options there and set the settings as shown on the screenshot below.
  • After selecting all the options click on ok.
  • Now select the setup a key there and the select the QR code method to verify your key there.
  • Now download the mobile app from the above link and scan the QR code from that app displaying on the screen and your mobile will detect your PC.
  • Thats it you are done now your pc is authenticated with your smart device and every time after unlocking from windows screen you will need your smart device to unlock the second authentication process.
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Thursday, 6 August 2015

How To Receive All Your Android SMS On PC

Steps To Get All Your Android SMS On PC:

  • First of all download and install app Mighty Text in your android device.
  • Now in your Google Chrome browser add the extension Mighty Text.
  • Now open the app you will need an initial pair up with your PC as it will be done over wifi network on which both the devices being connected.
  • Now when you setup is done now you will see your android name on the icon when you click on it.
  • Thats it all done, now when you android receive any SMS it will transfer on your extension of PC and you can read it there.
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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

5 Best Free Antivirus For Windows 10

List Of  Best Antivirus Program For Windows 10
  •  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwares are types of viruses that can affects your computer lot by multiplying themselves in the target computer. And the Malware Bytes is the best tool for this purpose that can help you to protect your computer from these harmful viruses that get into your computer. So must try out this antivirus in your windows 10 to protect it from malware.kaspersky1

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  •  Avast Free Antivirus

As this is the most user friendly antivirus and trusted by millions of user since long time and this antivirus is freely available and protect computer from viruses. You can also do a boot time scan with this antivirus that will be really effective to remove virus in your windows 10. So must give a try to this antivirus.avast

Also Get – Avast Pro For One Year For Free Here

  •  Microsoft Security Essential

As your OS is build through microsoft and this antivirus is too, so it can be bet fit for your windows 10 OS. This is type of security tool for windows that provides lots of features like, protection from viruses and lots more. So must try out this antivirus in your windows essential

  •  Kaspersky Antivirus

This is also a very good antivirus that is being used by users from many previous year and this antivirus is one of the best and remove all type of viruses in your computer and also protects from your computer from internet threats too. So must try out this antivirus in your Windows 10. kaspersky1

  •  Bit Defender Antivirus
This antivirus is really very cool and provides security against malwares, trojans and keyloggers too. This antivirus detect the viruses from PC and remove them from your computer to enhance its performance.bitdefender

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