Monday, 21 September 2015

Secrets to get ranked on the first page of Google !!

Getting on the first page of Google with your website content for your keyword is a huge accomplishment.  It could mean unlimited new visitor (and if you’re a business, potential sale) opportunities.  The task of getting to Google’s number one page with your website content, for your keyword, varies according to your competition, website age, popularity (PageRank), and SEO investments.

If you search online, hundreds of self-proclaimed “gurus” are announcing that they have the key to get your website content on Google’s first page… within the hour.  While it is actually true that Google works inside 60 minutes, it isn’t true that all of these gurus are actually SEO geniuses.  It’s more common that Google will take a week or two (or maybe 3-4) to crawl and find your website and its website content, then rank it number one for your keyword.


Your Google ranking is based on your PageRank, or PR, that Google sets you at.  PageRank can go from PR0 to PR10.  Sites with a PR of 0 are considered very low quality and will rarely be ranked high by Google.  On the other hand, it is very hard to get to a 10, and if you’re at 4 or 5 that’s considered excellent.  The average is around 2-3.  Check your website PageRank for free.


So, you’re probably wondering, what makes up a PageRank?
Three main things:
One your website content itself (the quality, relevance and quantity of each page on your website),
Two age of your website (the longer you’ve been around, the better), and
Three the number of links that go back to your website, or backlinks.

Think of backlinks as roads that lead straight to your website. These little paths, a simple hyperlinked keyword that goes back to your website, can be in the form of an article that has your website link in it; a friend posting your website link on Facebook; a comment on a blog with a link to your website.  The more backlinks with your keyword, the more roads with destination signs leading straight to your website.  Not only that, but you need high quality roads.  A backlink placed on a PR0 site will actually hinder you.  Backlinking must be done by someone who knows the process, can choose the right sites, and will work in your benefit.

Articles, Articles & More Articles.  

If you search how to increase your Google rank, there’s no avoiding this fact.  Writing informative articles around your keywords and posting several every day has the potential to rank your website as high as it will go.  Article submission is one of the longest and most proven methods to get the highest pagerank possible.  Fresh, new website content updated every day improves your rankings, since Google re-crawls your website several times a month (or week).  Besides that, fresh web content constantly added to your site will attract new readers, give you an advantage above your competition (you’re always staying on top of relevant material), widen your marketing efforts (reach anyone with an RSS feed), and inspire others to link back to you. 

Voila!  Backlinks, quality, and quantity, all in one. 
Well-written articles and website content could potentially be your best source to get a higher PR.

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