Monday, 1 August 2016

How to Redesign Your Website Without Losing Traffic or Sales

According to an report, the average marketer will redesign his website once every two years. Judging from this information, it’s safe to assume that he won’t even have time to settle into his new design before he will have to change it again. Redesigning a website is no easy task, especially since the requirements of a great one are almost unfair: optimization for mobile devices, seamless navigability, good ROI, parallax scrolling or God knows what devilish features.

And there are so many things that could go wrong. As a matter of fact, everything that can go wrong will probably go wrong if you don’t hire a transition and planning execution SEO strategist or conduct extensive research.

You’re right to be worried about losing the SEO value that you’ve worked so hard to achieve for your site during a redesign. The good news is that you can successfully launch your new website without forfeiting SEO progress, sales or traffic, through careful planning.

The benefits of this time-consuming ordeal are hard to resist: lower bounce-rate, better engagement, increased sales and improved conversion rates. The following tips will help you redesign your site without murdering your Traffic or Sales.

  •  Create a plan of attack.
  • Crawl and audit your old website.
  • Prevent search engines from crawling your site during the redesign.
  • Create a back-up of your site.
  • Check your content and inbound links. Delete unnecessary pages and use 301 redirect plans.
  • Improve old content that was performing well.
  • Improve non-ranking pages.
  • Implement the new design and crawl your new site.
  • Allow the search engines to crawl your site again.