Friday, 21 August 2015

How To Trace Location Of A Person By Chatting on Facebook & WhatsApp

Method 1: Tracing IP Address Of Person On Facebook Chat Using Command Prompt
Using command prompt you can actually trace out the ip address of a person you chatting on facebook. Just follow the steps below to proceed.

  • First of all start chatting with your friend whose ip address you want to get and make sure that all other apps and background process must be stopped.
  • Now press Win+R of your keyboard,
  • Now type cmd and hit enter.
  • Now in the command prompt that appears type netstat -an and hit enter.
  • Now note down the ip address of person.
  • Now you need to scan that ip address to know the actual location of the person that you can checkout from

Method2 : Creating Tracking Link To Track Location Of Any Person
In this method you will be creating a tracking link that you will send to suspect and that records the location of the person that opens that link. Follow the steps below to proceed.

  • First of all create a free hosting account from any of these sites :- Hostgator, My3gb or 000webhost.
  • Now login in your account and go to File Manager there.
  • Now download the zip file : Tracking Zip File.
  • Now extract the file and you will see three files in the extract folder.
  • Now upload all three files in the root (public_html) folder of file manager of your hosting account.
  • Now send you hosting link to the suspect that you want to track(your link will be like etc).
  • Now tracking details will get saved in the log.txt file of your root folder, which you should keep on checking that file to get the details.

So above are the ways to How To Trace Location Of A Person By Chatting on Facebook/WhatsApp with these way yo will get to know the exact location of the person that you want to check and also make sure that persond your are interacting with in the social world is real or fake one. Hope you like this trick, do share this with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How To Root Android Without Risking Android Warranty

Steps To Root Android Without Voiding Your Android Warranty :-

  • First of all download and install the best Android Rooting Software that is iRoot. This is the only program that will let you to root your android device without voiding your warranty.
  • Install the apps and launch in your computer and you will see screen like below.
  • Now you need to enable USB debugging in your android device. For this Go to developer option and then enable it.
If developer option is not enable on your device then you can enable it by opening About Phone and tapping 7-10 times on build number.
  • Now connect your android with PC using USB data cable and wait for iRoot to detect it.
  • Now the Root button will get activated on iRoot software and just click on it to root your android device.
  • Now wait for few minutes to complete the rooting process and your device might gets restart 2-3 times.

  • Thats it you are done, now you have successfully rooted your android device without risking its warranty.

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Friday, 7 August 2015

How To Spy On Text Messages

Steps To Spoof Text Messages On Android Device :-

  • First of all you need to download a cool app SecretSMSReplicator a app that allow you to spy on messages arriving on your android.
  • Launch the app after installing the app in the android device whose messages you want to spy.
  • Now after this you need to enter the phone number to which all the arriving messages will get forwarded, You will enter your number.
  • Now set any password to secure your app.
  • Now this app will get hidden in android device and no one can even uninstall it as it will require password that you have set.

  • Thats is you will be getting all the logs of messages that arriving on device or sent from that device.

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How To Unlock Windows Computer from Android/iPhone

This is a very cool way to secure your computer as if someone get to know your login password you computer will not get open until it get the security key that is your smartphone that will be always with you.

Steps To Unlock Window Computer from Smartphone :-

  • First of you need to download the Rohos Logon Key Software in your device which you want to pair out with smartphone.
Rohos For Windows   Rohos For Mac OS   Rohos For Android   Rohos For iPhone
  • Now launch the program in your windows and you will see screen like below.
  • Now there click on Options there and set the settings as shown on the screenshot below.
  • After selecting all the options click on ok.
  • Now select the setup a key there and the select the QR code method to verify your key there.
  • Now download the mobile app from the above link and scan the QR code from that app displaying on the screen and your mobile will detect your PC.
  • Thats it you are done now your pc is authenticated with your smart device and every time after unlocking from windows screen you will need your smart device to unlock the second authentication process.
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Thursday, 6 August 2015

How To Receive All Your Android SMS On PC

Steps To Get All Your Android SMS On PC:

  • First of all download and install app Mighty Text in your android device.
  • Now in your Google Chrome browser add the extension Mighty Text.
  • Now open the app you will need an initial pair up with your PC as it will be done over wifi network on which both the devices being connected.
  • Now when you setup is done now you will see your android name on the icon when you click on it.
  • Thats it all done, now when you android receive any SMS it will transfer on your extension of PC and you can read it there.
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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

5 Best Free Antivirus For Windows 10

List Of  Best Antivirus Program For Windows 10
  •  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwares are types of viruses that can affects your computer lot by multiplying themselves in the target computer. And the Malware Bytes is the best tool for this purpose that can help you to protect your computer from these harmful viruses that get into your computer. So must try out this antivirus in your windows 10 to protect it from malware.kaspersky1

Checkout – Best Way To Remove Malware In Windows 10

  •  Avast Free Antivirus

As this is the most user friendly antivirus and trusted by millions of user since long time and this antivirus is freely available and protect computer from viruses. You can also do a boot time scan with this antivirus that will be really effective to remove virus in your windows 10. So must give a try to this antivirus.avast

Also Get – Avast Pro For One Year For Free Here

  •  Microsoft Security Essential

As your OS is build through microsoft and this antivirus is too, so it can be bet fit for your windows 10 OS. This is type of security tool for windows that provides lots of features like, protection from viruses and lots more. So must try out this antivirus in your windows essential

  •  Kaspersky Antivirus

This is also a very good antivirus that is being used by users from many previous year and this antivirus is one of the best and remove all type of viruses in your computer and also protects from your computer from internet threats too. So must try out this antivirus in your Windows 10. kaspersky1

  •  Bit Defender Antivirus
This antivirus is really very cool and provides security against malwares, trojans and keyloggers too. This antivirus detect the viruses from PC and remove them from your computer to enhance its performance.bitdefender

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Saturday, 1 August 2015

How to Control Android From Pc

Advantages and Features of Airdroid :-

  • You can also directly talk from PC.
  • Send and Receive SMS from PC.
  • Transfer apps,images,videos,files from PC to mobile through wireless network.
  • Install/Uninstall apps easily and also take complete back up of your device.
  • Trace your device when you lost it and much more features available in Airdroid.

How to Use Airdroid

  • Download Airdroid on your android device
  • After Download Install it and Open this app then Click on Start icon.
  • After open it , copy the web address after clicking start icon.
  • Now from PC browser go to then Enter the Web address you copied in step no 3.
  • Make sure that your android device and PC is connected to same Network.
  • If you are going for then you need to verify your device by entering pin/password or by scanning QR code.
  • Now you have successfully connected your android device to PC .You can start upload files by clicking files logo on desktop,you can chat from your PC and can have full access to your android device or android tablet.
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