Sunday, 23 November 2014

Advantages of BOOTSTRAP Technology

  •     First advantage that you can get from bootstrap is saving a lot of time. Busy web developer doesn’t have much time to spend a lot of time on CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Bootstrap is offering readymade codes to save maximum of your time.

  •       The second and most attractive option of bootstrap is customization. You can customize it with your own way. Just sit and change entire code as you want. Some developers exhausted to change codes, this is not for them.

  • ·         Now, have a short look on design factors.

        i.          Consciously or unconsciously we use grids in our web developing designs. Bootstrap make it easier than ever. If you dislike grids you can do it yourself by editing the same files. Bootstrap has 940px default width with 12 grid columns. In which a single column contains 40px with 20px of empty space. It means it has 60px over all. You can also change these widths as per your requirements.

      ii.            Second one is very amazing, I love this option. It corrects error automatically which were made by developer by mistake. For example, if you have done something wrong by mistake and it is effecting another span then bootstrap will automatically correct it at their original space. It means bootstrap will save you from a big crash.

    iii.            Bootstrap comes equipped with JavaScript libraries that go above and beyond basic structural and styling. JavaScript often becomes an integral part of a web design and developers have topull in all elements together to see the final form flourish. With Bootstrap, a developer can easily manipulate modal windows alerts, tooltips, Scroll spy, Popover, Button, Type head, etc. The best part is that Bootstrap enables you to skip writing the script altogether.

  • ·    Twitter faced big problem in development. It was too much hard to maintain both developer front and end-user front. They have solved this problem as a central CSS with bootstrap. Now you can notice same view in cross browsers and different situations.

  • ·      Bootstrap team is working as quickly as can be possible. Wherever they found a bug or any query they started work on at their earliest. For example we can see the example of JQuery. JQuery is updating twice in a year. You can see the bootstrap’s updated version to confirm it.

  • ·         Another killer option you can avail with bootstrap. If you have a site already live and you want to change it as an ironic CSS and amazing style. You are also willing to use bootstrap. You can do it easily with copy your own file CSS settings and link it with bootstrap file. It is too easy to say. Once you integrate bootstrap with your live site after that you can play with CSS as your own wish.

  • ·         An additional attractive option you will get is responsiveness. Yes, every bootstrap based site is responsive. You can use it without hesitation.

  • ·         You are not going to face any difficulty in near future because bootstrap is using advance technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5. You know very well that both of them are suppose to be backbone of future web development industry. So, it may be future web development star.

  • ·         A website can't be complete without basic HTML elements such as headings, forms, buttons, lists etc. You can check out the stylize basic HTML elements in bootstrap

i) Typography
ii) Code
iii) Tables
iv) Forms
v) Buttons
vi) Images
vii) Icons

  • ·         Bootstrap also have most must have components for a website such as:

i) Dropdowns
ii) Button groups
iii) Navigation bar
iv) Breadcrumbs
v) Labels & badges
vi) Alerts
vii) Progress bar
viii) And many others

  •  Bootstrap is not only stronger in design and structures but it also more powerful in documentation. Most of his competitors don’t have good documentation.

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Advantages of SEO


                                                                     With the IT market expanding rapidly, there can be seen a remarkable increase in number of internet users and the number of websites every year. And this in turn has made the functions of search engines, more vital and complex. The revolutionized role of search engines has transformed and further aroused a need for SEO strategies, making it a crucial tool for countering the ever increasing competition in the broadened IT arena.

Increase in Relevant Web Traffic
Using the appropriate keywords in a website makes it easily accessible for the web user, through the displayed search results. Also, SEO increases the number of relevant and targeted traffic to a website, who are interested in its products or services, in turn benefiting its business.

High Returns
SEO, unlike Pay Per Click Management, is a onetime investment with no recurring costs, bringing you a higher return on your investment than any other form of internet marketing.

Broadened Market
SEO services introduce your brand to a bigger and broader market, making your website available to new web users. We also help in developing online marketing strategies to explore and harness the right market, bringing you potential customers.

SEO is among the most cost-effective ways of internet marketing, giving you broadened market, higher sales and greater brand image, all in one package together.

Brand Visibility
SEO gives your brand an international profile, strategically planning each step starting right from keyword research & analysis to search engine friendly website designs and structures, making your website easily available and your brand, innovatively and attractively visible.

Long Term Benefit
Once the process of systematically designing, optimizing and positioning the website with the search engines is completed, the site will stay long term in the rankings compared to the other internet marketing techniques, where the positioning, ranking and costs are recurring and unpredictable.

IMSLogic Features

                                                                IMSLogic is created with users in mind. It is very easy to learn and use for any person with basic knowledge in computer. IMSlogic focus on simplicity, clarity and ease of use.IMSLogic   provides a simple, clear and easy to use dashboard which is loved by all of our customers. Teachers and employees find it really easy to learn and start using this School ERP. The User Interface and User Experience design of IMSLogic is done with lot of care and research.

·         IMSLogic software removes all paper work from your institute.

·         It makes a fully automated school/college. Admin can easily view all details with a single click.

·         Transparency in all cash dealings

·         It does provide transparency in school operations. 

·         Avaibility of real time data at any point of time.

·         Centralization of school's data.

·         User Friendly.

·         If you have basic knowledge of computer then you can use IMSLogic .

·         You can access old or new student detail in single click.

Module in Our School ERP

Admin or employees can view all the important activities in a single page. It basically acts like a sticky note; respective people can alter the properties according to their needs.

This module contains holidays, events, announcement, batch, and certification etc for easy handling of day to day activities of a branch. Here you can manage student subject with the help of batch.


You can insert all detail of student here. It contain many form but it is not necessary to fill all form if you want to skip any form then click on skip button 

All activities regarding employees are done here. Here we can manage all master records, employee detail, employee salary structure bank detail and employee joining

All activities regarding payroll system are done here

Effective inventory management section to manage all your working and non working products. 

Here we can create fee collection, fee type and take fee from student. You can collect fee from student and generate receipt .If student already pay fee then here you can generate duplicate receipt also.

Its help to manage Users in IMSLogic. Here you can change password for any user, add extra privileges’, code settings, financial year etc.

This module is entirely dedicated for reports generation. Custom made reports are possible for analyzing the status of a institution. Advance search is also an added feature where we can search with any small piece of information.

Different Expense and income type page to effective management of cash flow.
My Portal tab is entirely dedicated for the employees, employees can store their personal details and can apply leave online, employee time sheet page etc.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

IMSLogic-An overview

Spartans IT is proud to announce our new ERP education product IMSLogic - institute Management System having IMS, HRMS and payroll modules. IMSLogic deployed at the institutes will provide student profile, teacher profile, and time table management, dynamic time table scheduling of various batches, fees management, inventory management, and attendance for students, teachers. With zero foot print browser based interface, IMSLogic can be accessed from any part of the world, irrespective of employee, employer differences. Automatic log off sessions and secure back up restore options to prevent the data corruption and  to ensure total protection.

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Benefits of SMS Facility – IMSLogic

Sending mobile messages from your computer is a great way to reach out to each student fastly at an affordable price. SMS service providers can help you save hundreds if not thousands of Rupees on printing and stationary materials.

You often need to contact a student’s parent but never been able to contact them or maybe they've said that they never use their mobile phone answer service, due to the high costs of the call. We have all heard the stories, and excuses, but this is where SMS messages can help your institute run more efficiently with the help of modern technology.

We provide customizable  text message templates in  our institute management system (IMSLogic) and it's provide as simple as typing text messages on your mobile phone, or just typing text on your computer. Most SMS providers offer an easy interface where you can manage, schedule and store your messages online, and without needing any additional software to download on to your computer, there's no need for an expert advice.

IMSLogic’s SMS Package save precious time and be more efficient with following Features:
·         Enquiry Follow up
·         Admission alert
·         Salary Structure Assigned for employees
·         Leave  Structure Assigned for employees
·         Fees Due remainder alerts
·         Probation period completion
·         Birthday Wishes Etc
IMSLogic also facilitate a great way to collect, and store students and parents mobile contact numbers, and with the benefit that you can send SMS messages to individuals and groups by using our online school management system and even using your own mobile phone itself, the possibilities of keeping students' and parents informed at a moment's notice is as easy as putting the kettle on and making a cup of tea.
And thus way you owning green technology by saving the amount of paper, ink, stamps and staff time you can save by composing and scheduling a majority of your School memo's and general day-to-day activities by SMS. With the fact that 90% of mobile phone users actually read SMS messages within minutes, you can be assured your message will be received no matter how important it is, and from an affordable cost per message it's cheaper than a phone call too.

For more details about our great Bulk SMS for School Management simply go to our main website at and open our contact form and fill with necessary information today with no hidden fee or terms.
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Monday, 17 November 2014

Final one among the ten Rules followed by spartansit for Great Customer Service – “We always make It easy to buy for our customers”

The buying experience in our store, on our website ( , or through our catalog is currently as easy as possible. We try to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and forms, help people to find what they need, explain how products work, and do whatever else we can to facilitate transactions.

People are increasingly wary of being asked for too much personal information, so think clearly about what we need to know about our customers and don't request unnecessary data. 

We always note their level of satisfaction when they make purchases, and find ways to institute clever, time-saving protocols in our own company's transactions.

Ninth among the ten Rules followed by spartansit for Great Customer Service – “We always Focus on Customers, Not on Sales”

We always remember that to keep a customer's business is more important than to close a sale. Our past experience shows that it costs six times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one, and customers who believe that we have their best long-term interests at heart are more likely to stay with us.

Happy customers are the best and most effective way to find new customers, as word-of-mouth recommendations will bring us more business. 

We always ensure that we accurately track our customers and this helps us to bring more business.

Eighth among the ten Rules followed by spartansit for Great Customer Service – “We Assume Customers Tell the Truth”

We always learn to give our customer the benefit of the doubt. It gains us nothing to be cynical or to assume everyone is exaggerating, if not lying, about problems. Try to see things from their point of view -- it can be upsetting to purchase goods or services that don't meet expectations, for whatever reason.

Even though it may appear that customers are trying to manipulate certain situations to their advantage, it's to our advantage to hear them out and try to help. The majority of customers don't like to complain; in fact, they'll go out of their way, perhaps all the way to a competitor, to avoid confrontation. 
If we hear unhappy rumblings from our customers, take their complaints to heart and do our best to appease them.

Seventh among the ten Rules followed by spartansit for Great Customer Service – “We always provide what we Promise”

It's essential that we need to earn our customers' trust. We never make promises we can't keep, and work hard to deliver on the promises we do make. No company is perfect, but how we handle the situation when we fall short makes all the difference.

If we fail to honor our commitments, we'll lose both credibility and customers. If we guarantee a response within 24 hours, we make sure it really happens. 
If and when we're unable to make good on our promises, apologize to the customer and offer some type of compensation, such as a discount or free delivery. Overall, be as good as our word and it will help us pay off in increased business and good customer relations.

Sixth among the ten Rules followed by spartansit for Great Customer Service – “We never leave customers in Limbo”

We always communicate our plan for addressing a problem and make sure the customer understands what's going to happen and when. Then, make a point of following through promptly. If circumstances change, be sure that the customer is kept in the loop.

Repairs, callbacks, and email are always handled with a sense of urgency. Customers want immediate resolution, and we always try to give it to them, we're much more likely to win their repeat business. 
Our past experience shows that repeat business increases 95 percent when complaints are resolved on the spot.

Fifth among the ten Rules followed by spartansit for Great Customer Service – “we never argue with a Customer”

We all know that the customer isn't always right. However, our objective is to provide good service and maintain customer loyalty, not to win arguments. Spartansit focus on how to fix the problem, not who's wrong or right. Often all it takes is a little bit of consideration to calm down an irate person.

Listening is an essential skill; if customers sense that we're really hearing their concerns, it will go a long way toward soothing ruffled feathers, and we may learn something, too. 
Our experience shows that seven out of 10 customers will do business with us, if that business resolves a complaint to their satisfaction.

Fourth among the ten Rules followed by spartansit for Great Customer Service – “we treat customers with courtesy”

Remember every time our employees, and colleagues make contact with a customer -- whether it's by email, phone, written correspondence, or a face-to-face meeting -- the interaction leaves an impression. 
Our team use conciliatory phrases such as "Sorry to keep you waiting," "Thanks for your order," "You're welcome," and "It's been a pleasure helping you" to demonstrate not only our commitment to customer satisfaction but our dedication to courtesy.

Third among the ten Rules followed by spartansit for Great Customer Service – “we know our Customers very well“

We learn everything we can about our customers so we can tailor our service approach to their needs and buying habits. We talk to our customers about their experience with our company, and always listen to their complaints. In this way, we can always get to the root of customer dissatisfaction if any.

We frequently use customer satisfaction surveys as a helpful tool, and also learn a lot by listening, observing, and engaging customers in conversation.

Improving Knowledge of our customers on our products will help them to avoid problems and will allow us to address concerns when they arise.

Second among the ten Rules followed by spartansit for Great Customer Service – “we know our Products very well” convey an articulate and in-depth knowledge of products and services to win our customer trust and confidence.

Make sure that all of our employees know our company's products, services, and return policies inside and out. We also try to anticipate the types of questions that customers will ask and update and amend our website – 's FAQ page frequently.

Periodically take the time to make sure that all of our employees are on-board with new developments, products, and protocols. 
We also ensure how familiar our front line employees  with what we're selling or the service we're providing, the better they'll be able to represent your company and address customer questions and complaints.

First among the ten Rules followed by spartansit for Great Customer Service – “Commit to Quality Service”

Everyone in are devoted to creating a positive experience for the customer. Strive to exceed customer expectations. How do we create this environment? As the boss, we have already set the tone. 

As our employees are always feel respected and appreciated, they'll be much more likely to treat customers with respect.Our employees know that they have the authority to solve problems, and we have already communicate their limits, whatever they might be. Our employees are allowed to offer discounts, upgrades, or other perks? 

There's nothing more frustrating to a customer than encountering a company representative with no authority to help solve a problem. In our case we are able to successfully tackle such situation.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

IMSLOGIC Lite Edition - A value-add edition for very small institutions

Spartans IT recently added a value add edition considering the promotion of very small institutions.

The sole purpose of this edition is it mainly mainly targets very small institutions who will have an average of 10-12 student admission per month and are eager to enhance the count in near future.

While using this edition they are going to get the maximum benefit of effective administration and at the same time get the benefit of running an institution as per the latest IT trends.

In IMSLogic Lite edition they are getting the service of full IMS module based on student count.

This is currently charged at RS 35 per student and thereby invites these small entrepreneurs without spending much on setting up costly infrastructure and software.

In addition to this Spartans-IT also asks them to maintain an average count of 120 students per year which will help them to continue on similar plan for another 1 year.

Please contact the sales team for more details at