Monday, 8 December 2014

Expected Features of a Institute Management Software

There are so many Institute Management Software available in current market place , a Institute Management Software should possess certain features to make it user friendly. Some of the IMSLogic features are

1)      IMSLogic is a web based Institute Management Software. It enables you to access your School, College or institute over internet or intranet.
2)      Our Institute Management Software provides you facility to access any information about any department anytime.
3)      Super Admin user having complete features enables for this user.
4)      Complete control over Software features, You can easily change college name, Address, contact details, etc . This will reflect at all the reports.
5)      Assign rights to various employees, allow you to control over all the employee & their role in this Institute Management Software.
6)      IMSLogic   provides you the facility to access any department's records with a click.
7)      View reports of any Department / Branch , individually or cumulatively.
8)      Send message and emails to Employee of  any department or any student at anytime.
9)      Complete Fees Management in Institute.
10)  Ability to manage Fee Structure for any student in the Institute.
11)  Fee Collection (Regular Fees, Late Fee & Tax Fee) & other miscellaneous charges (e.g. Picnic Charges etc.) can be taken via instant fee modules in our Institute Management Software .
12)  IMSLogic  support discount in fee , which allow you to flexibility in collecting fees.
13)  Our software allows fees collection in  installment wise with due date sms remainder.
14)  Complete payroll management for employees.
15)  Effective accounts module.
16)  Send message and mails to Guardians / Teachers / Students / Employees.
17)  Teacher Time Table is also in our Institute Management Software.
18)  Employee attendance Register.
19)  Attendance Day Wise and Complete Employee Profile.
20)  Employee Login provided in IMSLogic.
21)  Daily Class Attendance to all students.
22)  Time table management for emoplyee.
23)  Complete Salary Management for employees.
24)  Asking for approval from authorized authority for leave to head of the department.
25)  Can view New Admissions, new enquiry, batch & Section wise Strength.
26)  Fee Summary of any student.
27)  Invitation to any function through announcement.
28)   Employee Portal (Keeping Employees Records), Allowance Allocation (Define Allowance type, basic & Amount of Allowances).
29)  Deduction Allocation (Define deduction Type, Basic & amount of deduction)
30)  Teacher's Attendance monthly & yearly.
31)  Employee Leaves(you can define your own leave type).
32)  Monthly Salary processing, View Pay slip, bonus approval.
33)  Total inventory management define inventory, Items, units order with complete report.
34)  A Separate Report module is available in IMSLogic which allow you view any reports with all possible filters. These reports can be exported in PDF ,Excel or direct print. 

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