Thursday, 29 January 2015

8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools

One of the best ways to determine the success or failure of a particular business is to carefully analysis of the available data. The data may vary from one sector to another, depending on your product, sales and your market. But, The important thing to consider here is to securely analysis of the data available in terms of reports, OLAP, charts, data mining, collaboration and some other factors too. Handling these kind of data of a particular business or company is not an easy job and it requires a lot of time, effort, dedication, man power to get the correct results. So, why not to automate this task, when a lot of business intelligence tools are available in the market for the same purpose.
Open source business intelligence tools are gaining more popularity day by day in the business sector. Business intelligence tools help us to make our daily routine tasks more easy and understandable. It helps users by making it easy to extract and understood information which we require from business data.
The Spagobi is an open source business intelligence tool which has a huge number of analytical functions and advanced data visualization features. It works on two conceptual models – analytical and behavioral.   It can work on various functions like scheduler, import or export, user profile system, menu management, audit and monitoring and graphical interfaces.
Birt is part of an open source eclipse project. It is sponsored by actuate and receives contributions from IBM and innoventsolutions. Its several components make it a great tool. It has report designer and BIRT runtime, but most interesting are its chart engine, chart designer and viewer. You can develop and publish reports as a standalone solution.
Jasper is made of several components such as jasper report library, iReport report designer, jasper report studio and jasper report server. Jasper report is one of the most popular and widely used open sources reporting tool. Jasper report uses a pixel perfect approach in viewing and printing its reports.
Pentaho works as a complete business intelligence tool which covers ganut from reporting to data mining. Pentaho has a rich feature set which organizations can use very easily. It uses reports in various formats like PDF, HTML and more. This project also provides a community with forum, jira bug tracker and some other collaboration options.
This is another open source software with some excellent features like graphic reports, dynamic lists, interactive dashboards, reports variancesteamspaces, hierarchical structures, report management, data sources, user management and many more. It integrates the best reporting engines available on the market, allowing you to choose which engine best fits your current need. With JasperReports and Eclipse Birt ReportServer supports two great open source reporting engines. Additionally, we have included basic support for SAP Crystal Reports which we plan to extend upon in future versions.
Openi is open source business intelligence tool which can execute business projects with small budgets. Basically openi is all about monetizing your data. It can do all your work in quickest and economical way.
It’s a code free analytics platform. It can easily design your data analysis routine visually and also speed up delivery by eliminating the need to write code. It can work with almost all data formats like Hadoop, CSV, Excel, Oracle and MYSQL.
It’s an open source solution to fill your business intelligence tools need which provides OLAP server, free excel client. It can do real time modelling and also a variety of ways to extend the application.

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